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If you love dogs.

Photo by David Clarke on Unsplash

Scientists believe that the major source of people’s positive reactions to pets comes from oxytocin, a hormone whose many functions include stimulating social bonding, relaxation and trust, and easing stress. — The Washington Post

The article also says we have a special bonding with dogs. With dogs, the levels of our oxytocin and dogs’ can be elevated.

While taking a walk, I find many skinny dogs in outfits. Some are very colorful, and other types are turtleneck outfits when it’s chilly outside. Other smaller dogs are with beautiful scarves around their neck.

This photo reminds me of those outfits.

Great but how did it happen?

Photo by Austin Wade on Unsplash

I’m trying to enjoy my writing.

A writing challenge sometimes can become so hard. I know it because I’ve done challenges twice even though those were very short. It also depends on the goals you set.

Personally, I believe the key to success in any endeavour — whether it’s business, health or habits — is to make it as fun as possible.

Said Jari Roomer. Jari also writes about other positive sides of doing a writing challenge.

Yes, it prompts me to write. And this is my 100th article since January 2021!

After having 99 articles published, the result is…

Publishing 1 to 2 articles per day

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Today I’ve decided to write an article about my new writing challenge.

After signing to Medium, I read two articles that motivated me to write. Here are the two articles if you are interested in reading them.

The 1st Article

One was finding your tribe while being a writer or blogger, or photographer by Barbara Radisavljevic:

The 2nd Article

The other one was, being consistent to produce 1 to 2 articles per day for at least a year by Khadejah Jones:

After reading these two articles, two phrases or great ideas popped into my mind to include in my pledge article.

Keep writing what I’ve been…

Two articles to keep you going.

Photo by Steven Erixon on Unsplash

Being a writer or a creator isn’t easy.

After a while, we know persistence is necessary.

But the journey can be up and down.

These are what creators need to read and remind themselves to enjoy the journey.

First of all,

Don’t let the impostor syndrome kill the impressionist inside you

It was an article written by Kinga Adamczewska.

The title itself is a good reminder of how hard writing on this platform or being a creator can be lonely when not working with other creators with similar mindsets.

At the same time, it reminds the writer to be creative…

Time after time

Photo by Andreas M on Unsplash

We’ve been trying to make things right.

Some are old things you can’t really get to fix.

An old phone or a cassette tape you threw into the water.

You can fix your cooking.

If you put too much salt in the pot. You can start put too much sugar. Add some vinegar, and make it a dish or soup and call it, sweet and sour something.

You used to wonder how to best fix your car.

You used to open your car here and there, and even go underneath the car and try to fix your car by yourself.

Even writers need regular exercise

Photo by Alexander Redl on Unsplash

The health of our minds, physical well-being, and even our thinking can be influenced by doing regular physical exercise.

  • Physical activity has significant health benefits for hearts, bodies and minds
  • Physical activity contributes to preventing and managing noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes
  • Physical activity reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Physical activity enhances thinking, learning, and judgment skills
  • Physical activity ensures healthy growth and development in young people

Even though we know that somehow our overall well-being can be improved by doing physical exercise, we neglect to do it. …

When you’re reading, writing, or even listening to music.

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

I do a word search on websites I visit.

I do a word search on this platform too.

I even tried a search on a Spotify playlist.

While working on your writing piece, on MS Word, Grammarly app on your laptop, or reading a PDF file, it works and is extremely useful.

If you haven’t tried this keyboard shortcut, I recommend you to try it.

Ctrl + F


⌘ (Cmd) + F

Then type a word you wish to find in the small rectangular space.

If you want to practice a few more, here is one article I wrote…


A city by the sea

Photo by Brennan smart on Unsplash

There are many cities we love to visit many times, and want to visit again.

There are many beautiful places we have seen many times. And yet we haven’t had a chance to visit.

While we are still dealing with the unprecedented situation, it just occurs to me to write about this article: Visiting a Beautiful Place In the World — A City by the Sea.

One of the cities I kept visiting while I was around there is called White Rock. Because the places have become so vivid as images in my mind, I can recall them. …

Write, learn, and achieve your goals.

Photo by Sergii Gulenok on Unsplash

Stop watching the news, if it makes you angrier.

Surely, there are many funny stories, intelligent information, and news that make you sad, unpleasant, etc. I do want to check on the news on TV at least once a day.

Just be aware of how much similar information you’ve consumed especially those that make you irritated. We can’t change the way people think right away on the other side of the world. You may if you are a PM or hold a similar job position that allows you to negotiate in a certain way.

Switch Your Attention

Instead of holding on to the…

Kaori Mitsui

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